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issue 7 is here!

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This was waiting on me when I got home today - lots of 'glitz and glam'! Well, that's one of the themes in the mag ...


Quite a lot of vintage inspired projects - lots of pearls such as 'flower power', which is a lovely make, and several with crystals. get your glue out too - there are several pages of makes inspired by sticking gems onto objects. very bling! Great for the party season, but I'd end up with more glue over me than the makes :roll:


At least two makes featuring flowers, and a number with crystals.


An interesting article on fusing glass in the microwave.


Even better - some 'recipes' are giving the quantity of ingredients needed for the makes. So much easier to work out of you have enough beads, or how many to buy.


I recognised a few enquirers in the Jewellery SOS section ... you know who you are :zip:


There is also a handy little freebie magazine with more ideas in it and where to buy beads and suplies from - this will be really useful, but will it save me trawling the internet when I'm bored ??? :cheese:


So all in all - yes - its a good issue, lots of make-able things in there. (And very little bead weaving, some of you will be pleased to hear ;-) )



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Great low-down Maggie - you have inspired me to buy! Love the sound of glam and bling - and think they have one of my questions so will look forward to seeing the reply. How is your silver smithing going??

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Hi Jo, yes - they have one of your questions in!


The silversmithing is really metalworking so far - we are using cheaper metals to start with. But have used the rolling mill, polishing thing, and saws and snip things. Don't expect anything too fantastic too soon....! (If ever.)


I rather liked this issue, there seemed a lot of nice things in it and less 'fillers' than some issues have had .....


Look forward to seeing what you make - and others too.



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