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Craft Wardrobes or other storage

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hi, i am wondering about those nifty craft wardrobes. i am having difficulty finding them! i have looked online but i can only find one place to buy them from, and it is a seller on ebay, so i can't even compare prices or anything. this one comes to a toal of just over £1200, does anyone know if this price is high, low or average? or any places you can buy them from?


Or what other storage do you use that you think is good? i am limited for spae, and the only other (online) storage i have found that has everything i need, is a company where you build/design your own piece of furniture, but to get everything i need, like whats in the wardrobe, it would cost near to £4000, which i definately cannot afford.

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Yeah that sounds about right, the ones which are advertised in the mags are about £1000+ as I looked into them too...a very expensive method of storage indeed!


Hope you find a cheaper way!


Aims x

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