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(late) Summer Sunday

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Morning all, just a quick post from me....


Katy - love the new avatar!


Girls I hope you all enjoy the sunshine, I've been mooching around in my nighties all morning only for OH to walk in and announce we are going down home to visit Mum and I haven't a THING organised as I wasn't expecting it. You know the way it is with 2 little uns, going away fot the day is like moving house!!!! :lol:


Better go get ready, chat to you all tonight xxx

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Hello. I'm sitting in a very messy house, and I don't care! (Give me an hour or so and I'll change my mind, lol)


I didn't get up til 10, which is unheard of for me, and I feel very strange now, like I've missed half the day. It's nearly lunchtime already and we've not long since had our breakfasts.


Once I get into the swing of things I'll decide what I'm doing today but it's raining so it'll probably be an inside day. I may make some cakes with Callum and finish the baby jumper I started for the niece or nephew which Ali's SIL has in the oven. She's due in October, so I've plenty time. Only the sleeves and making up left to do.


Su2ie, I'm just catching up with yesterday's posts and am at a loss for words. I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry and I hope he was just in a strange mood. I hope today's a better day and that you know you've always got friends here who will help you as best they can. <<<<>>>>


Sharon, I'll be thinking of you. Hope it all goes as well as these things can.


Katy, have fun on your trip out. Sounds like a good day to me, as long as you don't cook in the heat.

Dreamy, I hope you got your mob sorted and off home without too much hassle!


I hope everyone else is ok and has a good day.




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Hello all!

No, I havn't been smothered under my (ever growing) stash of wool, I've just been knitting like there's no tomorrow and havn't really had time to get on here!

I went away for the majority of the school hols (mum's first, then camping for 2 weeks with OH) which was fantastic, just what i needed to recharge my batteries after a shattering school year! (I'd also like to say, this summer has not been a 'wash out' as the paper's keep moaning, when we were camping it only rained for a day! I have a proper sun tan and everything!)

Then it was back into school to sort out my room, which took the remainder of the holiday, before we started again last week (though the kid's wern't back til last Thurs, due to school take over) I have to say I'm very pleased with my room, the only trouble is I'm tired already, and I've only had the kids' back for 2 days!

Knitting wise...I gave in and knitted my first pair of socks! I was quite pleased with the results, but I'll be asking questions on the SOS section! I've also FINALLY just about finished the nightmarish crochet baby blanket, 2 baby tops, a stripy jumper for a friend's birthday, and I've started the worst bloody bed jacket in the world for my nan for Christamas (I'll be sounding off about it in the 'frog it!' section!) I don't know what I was thinking when I started this stupid bed jacket, it's truely nightmarish! I've also been organised and started to embroider Christmas cards (though I still have a few more to make!) and I've got my eye on some beautiful knitted christmas decorations I've dug out from an old issue of LK which I'll be starting as soon as I've finished knitting another Bagpuss for friend's twins 1st birthday in November!

In other news, I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of my God Daughter, who is now 2 days overdue! I just can't wait to dress her up in all the pretty clothes I've made her! And this morning I went to a car boot where I picked up a fab Le Creuset griddle pan for 50p! (They cost about £60 in the shops!) it needs a good clean, but it's in pretty good condiition. I am ridiculously excited about this pan, I've always wanted to own Le Creuset pans, I think they look gorgeous, but they're sooooooooo expensive I could never afford to buy them new (although they do occasionally have some end of lines in TK Maxx, they're still very expensive) so this will probably be my one and only Le Creuset pan (whioch I will have to find a home for in full view of anyone who happens to come round so i can show it off!)

So, how is everyone doing?

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You have been busy hatful - & still will be by the sounds of things!!! Great you enjoyed your camping :-) We've had a few iffy days but don't think this summer has been as bad as last years. I've never been able to afford Le Creuset either :-S What colour is your pan?


It's been a bit quiet on here over the last few days but loads of people have been busy & some are having a bit of a tough time at the moment. Have you got piccies of all you knitted things? They should be on the FO section for us all to admire :-) I'm waiting for the athletics to come on tv later & have been making "C" pressies as fast as I can cos it soon creeps up at a rate of knots!!! I've never knitted "C" decs tho. Think I may have too much on this year but maybe another year. I need to get as much stock done as possible for Christmas Fayres etc too. Still haven't decided on the paint colour for the kitchen. Nothing seems right :-S Chris isn't complaining - it just means a few more days before he has to start decorating ........................... now that he's finished his triathlons for the season.


Right off to sort washing before a cuppa & tv with my needles.


Glad you're back hatful



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I havn't uploaded my piccys yet, but yes I do have them and will put them on shortly.

My new pan is orange, which is fab, nice and bright!

Yeah, I've never gor round to kniting Christmas things before, so this will be a first! I'm making my cake next month with a friend (her oven's better than mine!) and we're going to knit up some decorations while we're waiting for the cakes to cook! I'm just in the process of choosing wool for them at the moment (at the same time as covering 26 'shields' with foil and spraying them - and everyhting withing a 2 mile radious - gold!)

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