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I have noticed...

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Few things are for free. I bought Lets Make Cards £7.99 mag once thinking it was same price as the others but different free things! I opened it before i could see the price in smallprint! gave the stuff to charity cos i felt it was v expensive cardmaking to me was to be resourceful with little, not the price of 4 shopcards! Was reading it in the bath briefly (as i dont buy magazines for the projects just to browse) and housemate heard me say 'WHAT!!'


I was very annoyed cos that costs more than an hours work ans could buy art materials or jewellery order with £8. Cant take things back when remove the plastic

Plus all the mags were grouped together and they say 'free gift' normally, and the freebies for this on looked and were v cheap. Its less than a tenner but still i would not have purchased it. only made cards out of recycled bits /my stuff


Boyfriend was in the shop too -asked him to help me choose didnt want to buy two magazines- and he thought they were the same price so its not 'one dumb customer'

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