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I have noticed...

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Hi Ladies! I dunno if anyone else has noticed this.


I went into WHSmith today to look for a magazine and noticed that make jewellery had a free book offer? A book worth 10.99? The magazine was wrapped in cellophane.


I though maybe it was just another single offer that only one retailer were offering similar to tesco and the free beads. So i thought nothing of it and went to my local bead shop where they also stock make jewellery and there was the same freebie again!


Why are the subscribers not receiving this offer? It almost makes me want to cancel my subscription as it seems that normal customers are getting all the freebies and we are not.


Sophie xxx

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Hi Sophie,


Many thanks for your message. Subscriber copies should have received the book offer too (although the card would have been folded inside the magazine, rather than wrapped in celophane as in stores). Could you PM me your address/email details? I'll either send you a copy if I can, or at least fill you in on how to take up the offer!


Danno :)

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