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:) glad I could answer my own question clearly ;-)


I also like the harder projects and have done some beadweaving. There is only one level 3 wire project and honestly I'm not sure it's that difficult. I am finding a lot of the wire projects are in the wire book I've got (same designer) so for me it would be nice to see something that's not in her books in the wire section (though her projects are very good).


Thanks Emily for your input into the thread.

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Hmm would be nice to come up with things that are different! Since it is a new magazine shouold be new projects. If non published designers can do it published ones can too!


I find looking at etsy website is quite inspiring you can see what is popularwith what people want to wear by looking at their sales lists. Im really looking forward to the christmas issue ofmake jewellery as i love the colourscheme and have got alot of ideas for festive jewellery and it will be nice all homemade. and brilliant for gifts.


Had a look in tesco to browse the magazine but it's in a cellobag so i wont buy it, will have to leave this months MJ6 chllaege out! Have found these reviews really helpful if you cant browse before buyuing!



Shrink plastic!! I gave mine to charity but now havesome ideas to make things with it. Made presents and ATCs out of what i used. The pic is my fave make outof shrink plastic it is the frosted one

Maggie - should give the shrinkplastic a try!


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Hi all!

I've just been looking at all your fab makes on our latest challenge (Emily and I have had a v.tough job this morning - so many lovely makes!) so thought I'd pop by and put your minds at rest. As Emily has said we're not going to be changing, Make Jewellery will remain a magazine aimed at all skill levels of jewellery maker and we will stay true to our modern take on jewellery making values! Our aim is to make jewellery making assessible to all, and while this issue was a bead weaving special to cater for our readers who do enjoy these techniques we will continue to run our usual quick stringing makes, wirework and other 'make in a night' designs, as well as a sprinkling of more advanced techniques for those who like even more of a challenge!


We've got some great projects coming up for you in issue 7, our vintage-inspired issue, including many super-sparkly designs to get you inspired in preparation for a spot of Christmas jewellery making!


Make your you whizz over to our challenge area soon - Emily is just about to reveal the lucky winner/s!

Bye for now


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