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I really like this issue!


Pleased they have some more basic stuff in like rings sizes, and bead sizes. The bead glossary is good for basics as well.


I have tried bead weaving in the past - never bought a mag on it though. I've not tried the the needle formed makes. So its nice to see a few projects on this technique although one design of this style per issue would be enough.

There are a couple of funky makes using fimo, and another using paper! And another using pompoms.


So - yes - I think there are a number of lovely projects and techniques this time.


Oh - and some names I recognise - esp on the Q+A page!! And Aims mention in the courses and workshops page.Good article about classes - six places were profiled, this would be a nice feature each month, from around the country.


Some prizes up for grabs - e.g. tickets for the Artisan exhibition in Coventry. I love giveaways - and think every bead fair in the country should donate tickets to readers! It would also be nice to have round up of bead fairs and craft fairs. I know CB do this - maybe MJ could as well.


Can't wait to see the entries for the Issue 6 comp!


think I'll do pompoms!! ;-P - I love mixing textile elements with beads.






ps should have said - saw it in WHS Smith in Manchester centre yesterday so its in the shops already.

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Hmm, sorry, I'm not too keen on this issue either. I like the polymer section - although when I've tried this medium it never comes out too well. I'd like to see more stringing techniques and ideas.


Also, the Q&A section - did anyone else find that the answer to the multiple stringing question didn't really give an answer? From reading the question I understood that they were asking how to close multiple stringed items as crimps/calottes don't allow a large number of strings to pass through them (I've also had this problem) so the reply of passing the ends over a headpin or tying the ends didn't really answer the question. I'm guessing that a little advice on the availability of larger crimps/calottes etc was probably what was being asked for.


Sorry for being picky on this issue, I'm just a ittle disappointed with it this month.

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Some are fun for people just starting jewellery making... but if youre lacking ideas i dont know if a construction guide will help. and


I'd be interested in some new ways of arranging that we havent thought of before. Can't copy other peoples arrangements but you can copy magazines...

Ive felt inspired by jewellery makers on this forum so I think the expectation is for a challenge, but obv cant use their work as projects!


I hink jewellery is something so broad you can do anything with it



Havent seen the entire mag yet, do love shrink plastic aybe they have some in hobbycraft

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I havnt really read it yet still, I have been out all weekend but I have it next to me now :) but this thread has interested me I have to say. I love buying the mag but I never make anything out of it, I never copy magazine designs usually as I sell most of my work but I may make something for myself every now and again. I prefer to draw inspiration from colours and styles and I love to know what is new on the market and love any business tips too!


I think it is nice to have diversity in the mag and love the regular use of shrink plastic as I make a lot of jewellery from it but I really hope there are not too many weaving projects as I think they are a little fuddy duddy and not very suited to the style of the magazine...just my two penneth!


They do have shrink plastic in hobbycraft Renata, that's where I usually buy mine from...I will send you a little bit if you would like to try before you buy?


I completely agree with the question of finishing off multistrand necklaces, I dont have a clue what that answer means and I have been making jewellery for yonks! I would have suggested bigger crimps or the findings like this one...definately baffled about that answer!


I'm not criticising in a negative way at all, just my thoughts :)


Aims x


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Hi all


I thought I'd just chip in on this one and find it interesting to read about the answer to my question.


I do understand what she was trying to explain but then I've tried different things and had some advice. I thought it might be a nice question to sent in based on me having difficulty trying it out.


What is trying to be described is to crimp each piece around something individually, be it a piece of wire or an eye pin (though I think the tigertail would probably come off that), then feed it through a bead cone which will hence cover up all the mess of loads of strands. You then turn a loop on the wire the other side of the cone and attach your clasp.


I quite like this one (though again, not the beadweaving) and will probably try the macrame one, the fimo one and some shrink plastice. Though not necessarily copy them, but I do actually really like the long fimo circles chain :)


So consensus is, if you want a magazine which is supposed to be aimed at the trendier side of the market, then small beads weaved into flowers isn't what we're looking for.

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