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Craft classes or meet ups?

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thank you so much Rosie xxx


that's really kind of you to say. I like those ones too!


I'm sure your cards are great, in fact once i've read my little girl (not so little, four tomorrow!) her story I'm going to find your cards and prove myself right!!!


That stripey one was easy to make, if you want to know I could post some instructions.


back soon


Viki xx

that would be lovely thank you viki

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Thanks for another really kind message xx


Rosie - why can't I find any cards you've done??? Please post some pics xx


Will be trying to do some more tonight. Waiting for a bumper order of stock I ordered yesterday. Will be doing starter packs for people to purchase at the sessions if they want to have a go at home. Can't wait I'm getting a cuttlebug :-))))))))


Ifan24 - you could pinch the designs but then I'd have to kill you!!! lol


Viki xx


my cards are posted in the papercraft thread.last ones titled 5more cards.you should try posting your makes there as its a busy thread and people give feedback on cards all the time.have a cuttlebug myself but still playing around with it!

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