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Craft classes or meet ups?

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Hi everyone, this is my first post and already I would like to pick your collective brains!!


I live in Worksop, Notts and there are no suitable craft classes or crafty meet ups near me. So... I thought I'd set up my own!!!


I would like to know if you think people would prefer to attend a structured class where a specific card or two was made following a demonstration or a regular meet up where people can bring there own work to do.


I have been card making for about ten years and certainly feel I could pass on some knowledge and experience but at the moment I am quite lonely in my crafting :( as I know of no others near me who enjoy card making like me!


I have had some experience teaching it to others as I have held a few card classes for a Lymphodema support group and everyone was really pleased with what I showed them and what they made.


Also, for those that do attend groups could you tell me what you pay, for how long and whats included please.


All help desperately needed.


Thanks, Viki x

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Hi and welcome to our lovely forum Viki

I go to a club every week, our local craft shop holds it,

We never paid up to now but will need to pay a little sum of 50p

each so thats no hardship.

I hope some of the ladies can help you as it is so much fun

xx maggie

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Hi Maggie, thanks for the welcome x


I've been to a few different setup's where I used to live and just wondered what the preference is at the moment!


I will have to post some of my designs to get some feedback!


Everyones cards are so lovely and such a variety!


Viki xx

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