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Morning all,


Up too early with the boys this morning :ohh: Got quite a bit done on the ever so slow cardi for Jake last night.. Will carry on with that later today as I really need to sort the house this morning!!!! Will be taking the boys swimming this morning so if I have no time to tidy the house will have to do this when I get back!!! But there lunch is ready so thats one thing less to do!!! Hey mothers job never ever done!!!!

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morning all and morning Fi! was posting at same time and no, a momma's work is never done!


well, I hope it is stress free for us all!!!



I am SHATTERED today, my day with my boy really rung me out lol! it did involve 4 buses and alot of walking though, so i figure that whats worn me down.


We're going round our local sunday market again today, will get our veg as its super fresh and super cheap. i did an experiment once (i know, too much time on my hands) and put what i'd have onto tesco.com and saw the price and then bought from the sunday market the same stuff and it was over £10 cheaper! we get through so much veg as Warwick is still almost veggie, he has some chicken occasionally now but only mixed in with veg as he seems to like the taste but not the texture.


I started my cape jacket too last night, only just cast on the back and the yarn is different (ahem) to knit with - its the patons denim haze i had for my b'day (early pressie) and it is very strange to knit with after being used to 100% acrylic. still, it looks quite nice so far but have only done 3 rows. I just want to get onto the main body as I can use my new knitpro needles then!


OH had a great time helping his mom yesterday and came back with a ring from his mom/dad and a bracelet from him - all for lil old me! that reminds me, must book tickets for the craft show at the NEC, me and mil are going in november. note to self, dont forget!




hope everyone is ok today







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Coorrr I 'm not suprised!!!!! I love markets don't know why but love the whole thing.. I know what you mean by vegs as there is a stall next to sainsburys open wed/thurs/fri and it does work out soooo much cheaper that way.. Jake is only just coming out of the not touching meat phase which was weird as he always loved meat as a baby but saying that he would always eat a spag bowl!! he he he..


Sorry I'm not totally with on the yarn front... So is Acrylic softer and finer than obviously your DK... Just trying to get an idea... I was looking at that denim one,,, bet it makes up lovely!!!!! KNITPRO NEEDLES????


I would love to go to a knitting show might have to drag the OH'S aunty one day!!!! Aaaww bless the OH he sounds lovely!!!!

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Morning Fi & Katy & everyone else too :-) I'm pooped too & it's only just gone 8am!! Chris was up before 5 to get to his triathlon race & I've been awake ever since :-S I've done about 18" of my scarf so far so hope to do some more today as well as getting Freya's hat & mitts ready to post & my letter too - soooo glad it's done & on it's way. Was so excited about the project but when I started it my mojo disappeared. I haven't struggled with enthusiasm for anything knitted in years.


Katy - what pattern are you using for your cape jacket? Sounds like something I'd like to make.


Fiona - busy, busy but 2 beautiful little boys to love & enjoy




Well off for my brekkie. Don't know that I'll make church today but will see after I've got some food inside of me. Will probably dose off in a quiet bit & start snoring!!


Have a lovely day everyone.



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