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Night night folks

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Night night girls and boys.

Have got the kids off to bed.

Finished all my knitting and sewing up and just have to wash one thing then get them all dried.

Suddenly seem to have not very much wool and loads of needles but that is no bad thing.


I don't know who has a wilkinson's but they seemed to have a good few new shades in their wool a bit brighter and nicer(but still about 99p)


I may knit another thing for the baby I have already knitted for at least it would match.

My son has been helping me go through all my needles which was quite good.

And recently have ben teaching my daughter to knit but like mummy she is impatient with herself.(and quite good though I say so myself) :lol:

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Sounds like a productive evening Blinx :)

I too will be going to bed shortly having only managed a few rows of knitting tonight. Doesn't help that I can't find my 8mm needles anywhere and will be needing them soon :-S


Nighty night :-)

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Oh Blinx that's funny!

I found the remote to the music player in Ellie's room about 3 months after it was lost - under the bed, where I'd looked, removed the matteress, moved the bed then continued to clean underneath twice a week for 3 months! And there it was I think this Weds just gone, under the bed close to the front!!!!

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