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Poetry society finished letters

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Oh Dark, you made me laugh! I needed that. PIE - ha ha ha ha! :lol:


The silly oaf has managed to fish it out with a knife and amazingly it still works. There's a great big box right in the middle of the screen though now, and it won't go away, so I can only see half of what I'm typing. It's been a taxing evening! :-/


In punishment of his actions I 've told him his mug-shot is bing published on our FO page. no doubt he's far from 'finished' but I definitely 'oject' tonight! :-/ (I'm posting it via the relative safety of my USB cable.)


Think I'm gonna call it a night actually, the box that won't go away is too hard to type round and won't let me open any MS docs. Hope everyone else's evenin is going smoothly and hope you like the mug-shot - he's looking particularly 'him' in thisone. :)


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