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Teapot Jumper Parade

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Well here's my attempt!

It took me a day to knit the jumper and another day to knit the flowers (and I went to the beach in between!)

Thank you Buzy for the inspiration and the jumper pattern (even if I mashed it about to use chunky wool :red: ) :cheese:

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Suzie that's gorgeous, well done you beat me to it!

For a dinky looking project there is quite an amount of work to it!! I found making the jumper the easy bit but I messed up the flowers (first time crocheting flowers! :)) so I had to do them over. Also because the top of my teapot is square I had to make 6 flowers and six leaves which took longer.

Anyway, no more excuses! Going to feed the troops and will post a pic soon as I can!

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