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BFN - bye for now

HTG - honest to god

TG - thank god

PG - please god


(soory about the religious overtones there, I'm not a bible basher or anything!!!)


Great thread, ROFLMAO was like chinese to me. My OH deffo would love to be referred to as god almighty!!


In texts to my niece we use WNW a lot - we're not worthy

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brilliant thread buffy...i'd guessed some myself and suzie, RC and katy told me some of them...i have to admit, i have called my hubby a GOM a few times and he asked what it was...so i told him...i don't think he was too happy TBH(to be honest)...hahaha!!! :lol:

actually, i've been told that i say "i have to admit"(IHTA) quite a lot... :long: so i suppose you could possibly add that 1 in as well (it also means that i don't have to keep typing it out fully...hahaha!!! :lol: )

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