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Beret and me wearing my tansy!

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Thanks everyone - Ellie wants me to make a smaller one for her now so I'm going to have to work out how to downsize the pattern which is in the round :ohh:


You see now that's where I am in awe of you, and all the rest of you that are so good at working out patterns to downsize/upscale. I haven't a notion how to do it and as for doing the shaping!! :lol:


Last night I finished Busy's teapot jumper (will post pics when flowers are sewn on) but I was anxious becuase while my teapot is 4-6 cup it is square . Deffo wouldn't have been able to alter the pattern but thankfully it looks fine

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Dreamy I've just looked at so many patterns now that I'm starting to get an idea of how to change them a bit - not that it always works out :lol:

I think its just trial and error (with plenty of error I might add) oh and a little bit of confidence in your abilities! I'm not sure I would be that great at adjusting a pattern for a square teapot either. Mines finished, just needs the flowers knitting and adding so we will have to have a teapot jumper fashion show :cheese:

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