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Baby cardigan/layette

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This is my second attempt at following a knitting pattern. Thanks to Busy Lizzy, I was able to understand what the pattern wanted me to do, and after finishing it over the weekend, I finally went and bought some buttons today, Alex chose them.

I was making a matching bonnet, but the instructions are just too difficult for me, but I can't quite bring myself to frog what I have done :lol: So I'll just leave it for a while, maybe they're make sense to me in time.


The pattern did ask for me to make an eyelet row around the neck for a ribbon to be threaded. But I don't like that idea, so I improvised and crocheted little loops onto the front to hook over the buttons. I was going to do similar with the bonnet, cos that also asked for ribbon, but I'll just find an easier pattern and make matching mitts, or booties.


Moo x

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