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Holiday Tansy

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That's gorgeous Suzie! I love it, and I love the colour. (why aren't you modelling it??! :) )


When you say you knitted it is Pampas, did you change the needle size seeing as how the wool was extra chunky?


Wait and see now that you've made something for youself the compliments will start rolling in when you wear it out shopping!


Well the pampas said 12mm needles but it knit fine on the 10mm so I stuck with that. I think I will have to wait until its really cold before I wear it shopping though! I didn't model it either as OH out at work all day and I didn't trust Ellie with the camera!!!


Dark - thanks also :-)

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Hey Nikki can I swap him for my OH? He said it was alright but didn't like the side seams and I thought I did a good job on them considering how difficult it was to sew them together!!!

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