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Issue 5 is here!

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Blimey Dee, that was quick! They are fab, I'm sure she'll love them!


I really like the multi-coloured earring project on page 10, but I'm a little confused where to get the ingredients from. It may just be me being thick, but on page 11 where it says 'shop at', I'm not too clear where I should be going to buy all the beads I need for that project.


Can someone point something out to me which I may be missing? :lol:


I think a night in with a take-away and my magazine may be calling :-P

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Wow. Your right. That is very confusing Heather!


Firstly the Jump rings at www.beadbiz.co.uk....


Other than that i am confused myself!


Im quite liking issue 5. Ordered the p55 Bombay mix earrings. Fab. I am going to make a matching necklace!


Also love the p56 necklace. Going to order the kit tomorrow. I just hope its not sold out when i do. It seems like everyone likes that necklace..



Sophie xx

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I guess as the kit is available from www.colouredearth.co.uk you could try contacting them to see if they sell just the beads?

Have seen similar Rondelles (amethyst crystal) at www.beadsisters.co.uk

You can get the stardust metal beads at www.beadtime.co.uk (they do them in five colours)

I am not sure where to get the little doughnut pearls from, but you could take a look at the cute little glass pearls at beadtime, they have a zillion different colours from £1.25 per 8" string (about 40 beads at 4mm)

Which just leaves the briolettes, I'd try ebay!

Hope that helps...



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I'm loving it too! one problem though...quite a few of the makes don't have quantities of supplies needed, which makes it hard for me to plan/budget for a make i really like...although i notice some are beginning to have amounts now...

am i just being petty? it's a great mag otherwise... (apologies for rubbish typing...shoulder problems afefecting hand)




I agree Dee. It would be helpful if we could have amounts. The one that really stymied me was the 'chip and pin' in issue 4. it was on a memory wire choker - but how much memory wire did it need?


I also think it would be good to show what the different ingredients are ... this goes back to me not yet knowing all the beads names. Although MJ are now putting little pics of the ingredients in, maybe they could 'identify' which is which ...


Just a thought!!


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Hi everyone,


Thanks for your feedback on issue 5, I'm glad you're all enjoying it.


To make the project on page 10 you can order the complete kit from Michelle at Coloured Earth by emailing info@colouredearth.co.uk. Michelle is the designer of this project and she sells her finished pieces on her website www.colouredearth.co.uk. She isn't actually a bead retailer which means that she often uses beads that she has access to as a designer, but you may not be able to purchase them easily from any one place. For this reason, Michelle has very kindly said she will put together kits for her projects, and you can order them by emailing her. As for the jump rings, we've just added a stockist for the Snapeeze jump rings as these are the ones that Michelle prefers due to their snap-closure function, aiding her with a professional finish. However, any jump rings would work just as well!


As for the ingredients lists we are in the process of working how to provide you with all the details you need in an accurate way. Often, when designers submit their projects they will specify quantities and in these cases we double-check their figures and print what they've put. However, sometimes this information is not always provided by the designer and so it's up to us to work it out, which is sometimes possible, but on some occasions it comes down to guesswork and we can not always ensure that the information we provide is accurate - especially when trying to count across a number of makes in any one project! We are working on forming a standardised system for this.


Another problem which this throws up, is whether we split the ingredients list up between each make. Obviously, we can tell you that you need 100 beads for a project, but if you only want to make the bracelet, and that only requires 30 beads then that doesn't really help you! So, depending on how the information is provided to us, there is a wider margin for error!


But I just wanted to let you know we are trying to work out a best way of providing you with this information, ensuring that it is as accurate as possible. You may notice that it is provided on some projects and not others, and that is because we are fairly certain that this information is as accurate as possible.


Thanks for your feedback on this, it may help us with making some decisions!


I do hope you enjoy issue 5, don't forget to send us your pics and let us know what you think and what your favourite projects are.



Emily :)

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