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Issue 5 is here!

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Got mine today!


Danno - great news - its in the correct size of bag! Whew.


I like the herringbone wire wrapped bracelet on page 27. And the necklace on p 56 - Nice 'n' spicey. There are a couple of articles that look good too - Bollywood jewelery and hair jewelery.


In the particular section - 'luxe for less' I like that you show the ingredients.


Nice work yet again, team! Now for a cup of coffee and a good look through ...



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I'm loving it too! one problem though...quite a few of the makes don't have quantities of supplies needed, which makes it hard for me to plan/budget for a make i really like...although i notice some are beginning to have amounts now...

am i just being petty? it's a great mag otherwise... (apologies for rubbish typing...shoulder problems afefecting hand)



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Hey Dee,


You're not the only one, I thought that when I wanted to make a necklace from Issue 4. I ended up trying to count the beads I could see on the picture!


Can't wait to finish work so I can go and get my copy :)

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