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Mama Bee

Medical advice???

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It is now 3 days since I got stung by a wasp about 4" below my knee and my leg, ankle and foot are still very swollen. The sting area is a 3" purple circle and the rest of that side of my leg is red and itchy. I can't even get a shoe on that foot now and OH is saying it is about time I sought medical advice.

What do you all think, should I listen to him or just let it take its course, and would they even do anything if I went.

I guess I left it too late for any of your remedies to work as the poison was already doing its nasty deed.



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YES !! go to the doctors, they will probably give you a stronger antihystamine and some cream (can't for the life of remember it's name) in the mean time tonight have you got any calamine lotion ? if you have maybe you could try dabbing some on as that's good for cooling it down and stopping the itching but be carefull on any open wound and read the bottle first to make sure it's ok to use x

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