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They'll never know *photo added*

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about this post but it was so heartwarming when in the post this morning I found some beads from America.


I ordered them when I was sent a £3 voucher for collectibles. Quite why the beads were listed there I don't know but I'm so glad they were as I'd seen them before and wanted them but couldn't buy them (no money and no paypal at the time). Anyway, at the start of June I ordered these beads and waited and waited and . . . you get the idea, but the beads never showed.


The deadline for filing a case was last week so 2 weeks ago (after previously being told by the seller to be patient) I contacted the seller before filing a case against them. They told me they'd post another lot out to me and not to file a case. I was rather doubtful they would get sent if I'm honest, I thought it was just a way to get out of having a case against them but they arrived this morning just 2 weeks after posting. Shame the first lot got lost as seller is now down a set of beads but I'm so grateful that they were kind enough to send a second lot so thought I'd share the story with you all.

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