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Good morning all

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Hi there guys




Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. We met my folks yesterday and had brunch and then mom treate Warwick to a heap of clothes from Mothercare for the autumn/winter as she's not seen us in a while so hadnt treated him. There's some lovely things in there at the mo, got us all a bit broody to be honest!


I was a bit shocked at how "old" my dad has become. I thought he had pain or something so got a bit panicky when he had to rest up twice on the way up the town, but mom assured me this is normal and he was fine. We left him on a bench in the shade with a pack of polo's while we went in Mothercare and he was fine. Just kinda hit me that he's not the spring chicken he once was, although I'm not sure why as he's been ill since i was 12 with heart trouble, so hasnt run for the bus for years!! Mom said he's started to get upset and a bit frightened that he's going to "leave her all alone" bless him, think he's feeling his own mortality a bit, and the emotional bit is due to the stroke. Still they had great fun with HRM who did his full repertoire of cuteness for them.


Anyhoo, its Race for Life day - MIL is picking me up at 9am so we can be there in plenty of time for parking etc. Think of us about 11am!!!!!!!



hope everyone has a lovely day, the weather here looks a bit bleak, dont want rain, but dont want blazing sun either!!!!!





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Morning Katy! Morning all!!

Grandparents love spoiling littlies :-) How nice to have a new wardrobe for HRM for later. Mind you looking at today it could be autumn :-S Cloudy, breezy & cool. Hope the weather is just right for your race Katy. It's amazing our much older parents seem if you've not seen them for a while. Bet seeing HRM did them a power of good especially as he was soooooo cute!!

It's church for me later. It'll be quite emotional as it's Adam, Mel & Freya's last Sunday at our church. He's been there since before he was born & heading up the techie stuff for the last few years too. Then it's lunch with them & our friends. So by the time they've gone I'll be a bit pooped. Don't think I'll get a chance to post before this evening really.

Have a good day everyone whatever your plans. :-)



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Good luck with the race.


I know how you feel when you don't see the parents for a long time.....when i say my mum back at easter( had not seen her for nearly a yr) she look very old, but she was in a lot of pain as she was awaiting a hip op, she has had it now, all went well so i am hoping when i see her next week she will look like a new person

well not to new i might not know her :lol:


It's raining again here, where is the SUMMER! >:-(

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Good Luck Katy


Morning Everyone


Well, big hugs go to my little boy this morning; he fell asleep last night about 6.20 and even though he doesn't normally go to bed till 8 we took him up and he slept until 7.30 this morning :coolsmile: I gave him a beaker of milk, put Thomas on for him and not another peep out of him until 8 (this gave me chance to wake up properly)


Dave's just got back, he'd been out since before we got up, setting up a PA at a local horse show.


Going to my mum and dad's this afternoon for Sunday dinner then Dave will be going back to collect the PA. Hoping to get some knitting done though

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