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Holiday Stash!

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Shame ya can't knit gearboxes heh! You'd be all sorted ;-)


I don't like shop keepers that are like that, and tbh, if lil one was able to bump into it then surely so could others, 'elf and safety issue right there! :smirk:

I like the purple at the back (even if it is variegated :lol:) it's very pretty. I was surprised when bf said we could swing by a wool shop on the way to a brewery for his birthday beers I was buying him in mini cask, but I didn't buy anything. All the wool was still in its delivery bags and stacked on top of each other against the wall. You just couldn't see anything in particular, just a wall of wool. I was tempted to pull out a ball to squish it, but seeing as I was never any good at that game Jenga, I figured best to leave be! It was a tiny little shop, and she was definitely making use of all the space, but I think in that shops case, if you didn't already know what you wanted so you could ask for it, then you weren't going to buy anything. Shame cos I love browsing.


Shame about Wales, hopefully something will come along and your holiday will go ahead. The size of your stash hangs in the balance! If the worse happens and you can't get to Wales, at least you have lots of wool to keep you busy :blank:

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