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Just another Manic Monday

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Hello from the UK! Just wanted to say a quick good morning. came over on the late boat and arrived in our old home town at 5.30 this morning! Very tired as only had about 3 hours sleep but its nice and sunny here and should be off to see my mum soon and maybe go looking for stash :-)


Hope you all have a good day and speak soon :cheese:

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Right! here we go then!! :-)

Girls off to school - dd1 only 5 minutes late (a bit of a record there) and protesting loudly that she didn't see why she had to go as they break up tomorrow and its 'only' the school fete today and 'oh by the way' have I got anything she can take in for the cake stall 'cos she was supposed to take stuff in (all this at 8.35 as Im pushing her out thro the door - dont you just love kids!! The answer was NO!

I rang work and arranged for them to come and collect (more) magnetic L plates. I wonder what I'll get today ?? Then off into town on the bus as Id just remembered that I hadn't got dd1s tutor and the forest school teacher an end of year pressie. Into Whittards (got a sale on!!) and got 1 large stripey mug for dd1s tutor and a lovely cup with matching ceramic coaster with 'from the garden of weedin' on for the Forrest school teacher.


Got home, did the washing up, sorted the dry laundry into piles, got the wet stuff in the tumble dryer - cos I dont trust the weather- and then thought Id better put the vacuum around before work arrives.

If I have time I will be picking blackcurrants later!



To all those who are humming Manic Monday we'll have a synchronized sing-song at midday shall we? :lol:

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Morning all


Daniel let me have a bit of a lie in this morning, which was nice. OH off sick today his fibromyalgia is playing him up really bad >:(


I've got to pop out to the sorting office later to collect a special delivery letter which they tried to deliver last week, don't know what it is so curious about that. Dave's daughter, Charlotte, is coming round this afternoon for the evening but other than that nothing planned, hopefully get some knitting done.


Had a busy weekend; me, Daniel, my mum and dad went to Mablethorpe (about an hour away) on sat for the day, we had a good day with only a couple of light showers. Yesterday we went over to mum and dad's and helped them move around some furniture, a fulfilling day seeing the rooms changed but tiring.

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I'm singing VERY LOUD Dee!! Sure you can't hear me???!!! The neighbours are complaining!!!


Buffy - tell me about fibro :-S Some days I'm like an old lady. Not many men get it tho. Hope Daniel's feeling better soon. If it's pain that's bothering him has he tried acupuncture? I couldn't function without it now. Only have to take painkillers every now & then although I do ache a bit. Don't want to put stuff in me if I don't have too. I didn't really notice a difference till after the 3rd treatment. It may be worth a try?


Great to hear you've landed Susie. Jealous of your stash shopping. Can I come too??



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Hi all,


Don't feel to great today!!! Just have NO energy at all!!! Going to have a nap in about twenty minutes so thought I would catch up first. Looking forward to the competition today as there are soooo many great makes. Will try to have a shower and get dressed after nap (I know lazy) then get a couple bits at sainsburys down the road.


moosick- Rrr hun kids will do it to you wont they. Carrot cake yum. Well enjoy your wool shopping (jealous) and welcome.


Sharon- Have a good day at work and enjoy the game.


Buzy - Hope you enjoy your sewing and knitty bits.


Dreamyknitter- TBH I thought it was quite cold...


Moonhippy- Chicken sounds nice and good luck with the dentist..


Suz- I bet your shattered and excited suz!!! Have a wicked time.


Dee- Sounds like one of those days!!!! Have a tea break, go on lol


Buffyflump- Have a good day..

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