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Slow sunday!!!

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Sounds like its been a bit busy rather than slow for everyone :lol:


Just bought a sewing machine from ebay for a very bargain price which we're picking up on Tuesday, can't wait! We've been into Manchester centre today so my youngest son could spend his birthday money, he was 10 on Monday. The only problem was it rained, and it rained and it rained! I know they say it always rains in Manchester but this was ridiculous but at least son got what he wanted and bought his sisters an ice cream each with the change :-)

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Hi everyone,


1st time logging on all day as we went to visit Mum today and I got quite a bit of my cerulean done on the way (yippee!)


To all who read my post from yesterday and commented, many thanks for your concern, to those who didn't - stop apologising!! I believe most of us use this site to tell of our happiness, and sometimes our woes. It's good to know there's "someone" out there who will read your post and hopefully send you good vibes even if life is too busy for a personal reply.

Like many of you I don't have much time for individual replies but that doesn't mean I don't read and take a genuine interest in what's going on for all of you. Of course I do!! Us knitting ladies have to be there for each other...it's an unwritten rule :)


In relation to "picture no sound" who is gone to bed, well things improved greatly as the day progressed. Our 2 & 1/2 yr old son was in particularly loving form all day (think he sensed the tension) and kept asking for hugs and kisses which softened the atmosphere greatly.


As I said going well with cerulean, and like everyone else, totally and utterly fed up from all the rain!!

Hope Suzie gets some sun on hol, and Buffalogal too :)

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