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Frantic Friday ...

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<-- Smoo


Thanks for all the welcomes!

I had a "moment" I was wandering around knitting sites, and happened upon the LK site, clicked forums and it brought me here, so I signed up, and it wasn't until after I'd posted that I realised I was already a member as Moosick :lol: Dopey of the day title goes to me I think! hehe

I'm still trying to get the hang of these forums, larger than I'm used to.


About me, well, I'm 30, I have one daughter who's 8, everything that I'm interested in, she wants to learn too. So hobbies tend to cost me twice as much, well.. not really, because I try to convince her she wants the cheaper bits. Last year I returned to knitting and crocheting, I stopped when my daughter was born because I never had the time, or the money! I made some novelty crochet lip balm holders for a couple of my female friends, as well as scarves and rose brooches each for Christmas. I recycled a load of plastic bags and crocheted them into another bag for my bf, best friends mum who is recycle mad! I also crocheted her a fan bookmark because she loves to read. Then I was at a loss what to make, I knitted myself a jumper, but I kinda sized it wrong, and it buries me! Which put me off knitting huge things, all that time invested and it didn't look all that great anyway lol.

So I knitted scarves, and crocheted scarves, and my boyfriend "moaned" that scarves was all I ever made. So I thought I'd take a break so he couldn't moan, and I joined this forum, originally for the beads section. Which was my new hobby.

Recently I found out a friend was expecting a little girl, so I thought I would make her something. Which has got me back into the knitting and crocheting again. I just finished a blanket which has the alphabet on it in puff stitch. I really enjoyed doing it, and don't think I'll put it aside as easily as I did last time. As I mentioned earlier I want to make a cardigan set, just deciding which one is my problem. I mean, I spent over an hour in the wool store just trying to decide which wool I wanted to buy, and I only had to choose between two different ones! Pick up, squish, put back... pick up the next one, squish put back.. stare at wool, pick up first one, squish put back.. pick up 2nd one, squish... you get the picture!

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Hi Moosick or is it Smoo? :)


What a great intro it's lovely to meet you. Brill that you got back into the knitting and crochet, it really seems to have taken off lately!

I'm with you on the pick up and squish thing!! :lol: I do ot all the time, as if the wool has changed since the 1st squish HA!

Welcome again, I hope you make as many cyber friends as I have over the last few months :)

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Hello again Moosick, I didn't knit for a while after I had my daughter due to time contraints, now she thinks everything on the needles is for her :-)

Lovely intro by the way and I think you will fit right in here - anything we can help with just ask from inspiration through to the best places to buy wool :cheese:

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