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Thunderous Thursday

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Good evening everyone!


Lovely here this morning - poured down when I went to town with Ellie though and my waterproof coat leaked! We saw 2 bunnies in the park much to Ellie's delight. We're always more likely to see them when the weather is bad as there are few people in the park.


Hope you've all had a good day too. Buzy hope you're feeling a tad better and fantastic service with the wool!

Well I'm off to look for ferries soon as OH still not booked anything and we're supposed to be going to the UK on Monday! Mind you with him being such a GOM at the moment then its also a possiblity we may not go at all!!!!

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Evening everyone. Feeling a bit better this eve - have spent most of the day knitting my cardi/coat. It's knitting up really well. I did the front first to see if I'm doing the right size which seems ok & have done about 1/4 of the back. According to the measurements I'm the "Small" size. Everybody should get this book cos it does wonders for your ego!! It's more of an olive green than khaki as described. Doesn't matter tho as will go with my autumny coloured wardrobe. Well the clothes that is - not the wardrobe itself as that's antique white!!!! I managed the food shop & didn't buy any naughty things as I'm trying to be careful with what I eat. Mind you I'd love a choccie bar!!!!!! Chris's bike training so I'm on my own till 9ish by which time I'll be ready for bed.

I've got Knitting & Sewing group for the last time this term tomorrow. Got a sneaky feeling this'll be the last one as they're being so difficult. The manager says what I want to hear & does the opposite. I haven't the strength to keep on fighting when I know things will never change. I'll be sad if this is the last one. Trying to find somewhere else has been fruitless as I need somewhere with a creche for my mums to leave their littlies. We can't have them in with us due to Health & Safety - which I agree with. Anyway I'll see what tomorrow brings.


Susie - You've GOT to have a hol after putting up with GOM giving up smoking!! What would happen if you withheld bedroom pleasures?!! You need to stock up on Christmas stash so you've got to come :-) I wish I lived nearer where you'll be in the UK - would have been nice to meet up.

Katy - glad you enjoyed your date.

Well off to sort stuff for tomorrow. Will be in touch after group tomorrow.


Happy evening everyone :-)



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