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Thunderous Thursday

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Hey everyone - the wool I ordered yesterday pm has just arrived!! I got it from RKM Wools & I'm most impressed :-) Now where di I put my needles................





Now that's what I call service.

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Good Afternoon All,


Just home from the last Forest School of term and boy am I pooped! Spent the morning with Mr Evans (the now retired caretaker) and 9 children, trying to tidy up the FS area, chop up wood and generally get things ready for the long summer hols, while the rest helped to tidy the class room. Its a shame, but this funny weather has really put things back, and a lot of the veg the children have grown wont be ready till sometime in the holidays, so they'll miss harvesting and eating it.

We had a fire going so the children could do marshmallows on sticks (great fun and really a laugh - especially when someone sets their marshmallow on fire! :lol: ) and just as they got out there it tipped down! You should have heard the squeals!! :lol: :-)

I was given a lovely bunch of sunflowers as a thank you for helping out during the year (not our own unfortunately as they are as backward as everything else this year) which was lovely surprise and all the kids loved my Tansy, which I wore.


Don't get me started on the subject of pets. Ive had cats and dogs all my life and everyone of them (except 1) was rescued/abandoned. One of them was even found by my Mum when she was on a walk with our (then) dog. We think he had been thrown from a car! A work colleague, who lived further down the same road found one with similar markings in her front garden, the same age on the same day, and a lady on a farm further up the road in the opposite direction did the same.

All we can think of is that someone drove up the road into the countryside dropping kittens out of the window as they went! How cruel some people can be. >:-( I know what I would have done to that person if I had ever found out who it was. And it wouldn't have been nice! >:(

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Hi everyone!


Fiona you're a brave lady putting the two of them in together! My two would never sleep!! :)

Busy - enjoy your wool

Angel - you really are an angel for knitting little blankets for kittens!!! That's unbelieveably sweet! We should nominate you for a "sweet knitter" award if there was such a thing! Oh heck I've just invented it and ....ta daa!! you win x :lol:


Everyone else, have a good Thursday afternoon, we're off to the garden centre for a peep around, it might cheer us up as while the weather is good today so far, the forecast for tonight is dire :(

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evenin all


is raining here, might cool it off a little. been at work this morning and then a walk with HRM to deliver some avon books to collect on Saturday afternoon.


Our date was lovely yesterday, really enjoyed Pizza Hut, but kinda glad to be back on the healthy option today as I felt soooooooooooo bloated last night.


Off to sort out Jack Frost, see whether i cant get him done and dusted.



hope everyone has had a nice day




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