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Wonky Wednesday

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Morning all,


Angela- Sooooooooo jealous hope you have a really good time..


Sharon - Glad he is ok!! Well life can't be all bad with the attention....


Su2ie- Have a good time out with Ellie its nice to go out and do something and pleas tell me what is GOM????


Katy- Sounds great the date!!! Have a pizza for me!! lol


Dee- Your quick look forward to seeing your Tansy!!!!


Well I done a third coat on the bathroom and done the first coat of the gloss on the inside bathroom door last night... Don't feel to bad done some housework and will be making lunch for the boys shortly. Then hopefully get some knitting in..... I think tuna pasta today!!!! Thats not the most unhealthy!!!


I have taken over half hour to type this in betweent the builders from next door telling they are going to sort out the hole they made in the loft and redecorate Jakes room and Paint the one wall in the hall... Then Jake throwing a fit because i want let him pour the juice from his bottle into a bowl to drink and getting Charlie up who then wants to eat everything!!!!!

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hi everyone

hope everyone's day is going well

fi - GOM stands for grumpy old man...hahaha!!! :lol: i know what you mean about the abbreviations, i didn't know a lot of them at first but suzie filled me in on some of them and i kinda guessed the rest...i think katy's HRM stands for his royal master but i'm just guessing on that one...really sorry katy if it's not... :red:

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hope that i didn't offend you by the way, fi, by calling your boys "monkies"...i've just read it back...really sorry if i have :red: really didn't mean to...

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