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tantilising tuesday

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Morning all! Have woken up feeling a little better today :-) I'm going to take it easy but I am going to LYS to see if they have any wool I need.It's absolutely pouring here today so will probably get soaked. Just wondering if I'm being too fussy but I can see the cardi/jacket in a couple of colours that suit me but just can't find them at a reasonable price.Anyone know where to get Aubergine (dark Purple), teal or dark lime green chunky? I could do brown but would rather do one of the others.


Dee - hope your poorly head gets better soon.

Diet girlies - keep going. May join you when I have more oomph.

Lauren - all the best for your interview.


Have a good day everyone





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A rather belated good morning from me today. Already been a taxi to take son to school. This week is "enrichment" week at school and they all get to choose something more interesting for the week. He is doing skiing and snow boarding. Unfortunately they have to be at school earlier than the school bus to catch the bus to the snow dome so I've got that run every morning. I've got WeightWatchers tonight and daughter has her street dancing class so I'll be busy early evening. Managed to get back of Tansy finished and half way through right front (I knew there had to be some benefit from waiting around for an hour an a half while son does his footie training).


Hope everyone has a wonderful day whatever you're doing.

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Morning all,


Well I have that Gina Fords book for potty training and so far its not happening Jake knows when he is going wee and poo and is doing all the bits thay say before you start and he is not having it when i say 'Jake sit on potty,' he gets flustered and waves his hands about!!!!!????!?!?! Don't know if i should try every day with the introducing or try again in a lil while?????


Both my boys have followed the rountines Jake 4 weeks and Charlie 6 weeks and were sleeping through early as well but ever since I have had builders in Jake and charlie are both waking through the night as i don't think they are getting a decent sleep during their lunch nap?????


Enough of me rabbiting..



Katy- Good on you and it always helps when OH plays ball as well (mine don't)


Suz- Well we all do it!!! And the mice sound great!!


Dee- Good luck with Sidmouth!!!! Don't you just hate headaches!!!! Try rubbing on the head stuff as well???


Dietgirl- He will get over it I get such slack for knitting its like he would rather me sit their bored watching top gear with him????????


Busy - Well I'm with you I need to get motivated again????

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