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tantilising tuesday

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have no idea why, but its worth a go!!!!!


Thanks for the good wishes on the weight loss yesterday ladies, really appreciate that. I feel spurred on as its hard work, but I know it works. I'm not following a conventional diet (have done WW previously) - Hubby has done his own training schedule and we aer following a portion controlled, balance diet - eg last night we had steamed chicken, brown rice, broccolli and (left over) mexican spicy veg. We have far less on our plates, and its healthier. But BOY did i have cravings last night!!!!!!!!!! I wanted chocolate, and cake, and chocolate cake in fact!!! I have got 5 minstrels left in a packet in the fridge, and there is NO WAY i am eating them. While they are there, I wont buy any more, and if i get really desparate, i'll eat one. last night i smelt the packet while i did myself a hot choc (the diet madness set in!) Consequently, I didnt have anything after my hot choc. I also finished Warwick's mohican hat, just the mohican to add now! Amazing what you can accomplish when you are ignoring your cravings! My exercise consists of walking to work (10 mins) and using the stairs not the lift (only twice a day ish) and taking warwick out in his buggy to Morrissons (about 2.5 mile round trip) and messing about on the Wii. My previous diet consisted of navvy dinners, boredom choc purchases at work, sugar crashes so more choc or biscuits with a cuppa with sugar in, I was basically lurching from one sugar crash to the next and feeling awful. These passed 10 days I have had none of that, and its great.


Good luck to lauren on her interview today, and sorry to hear about your loss hun.


potty training?! I am dreading this with Warwick, when he was first born i was all brave and said i wanted him dry by his 2nd birthday. Cant see that happening now but I will be getting the Gina Ford book (thanks dietgirl!) as someone bought me her Contented Baby book and although it is quite strict, our routine was actually not far off, the only thing I didnt master was the controlled crying and putting a sleepy baby into bed to get himself off to sleep - and still havent, when he's awake his cot is just too damn exciting!!!!! I am happy with how we work though, as he sleeps almost 12 hours straight now, give or take losing his nummy.


Found out yesterday that a girl I work with has become a granny!!! she's way too young of course, but its a double celebration as about 14 months ago her daughter had a stillborn son, born at about 35 weeks. i am so happy for them, so will be whipping the needles out in between pledges!


have a great day everyone, and all who feel poo - get well soon



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Morning everyone - wasn't around last night as we had internet problems again which OH promises to sort today with our provider.


Glad to hear your diet is going well Katy :) I'm trying to replace the naughty bits in my diet with sugar free jelly, soya yogurts and of course fruit. Mind after last nights "encouragement talk" from the OH I wanted to say stuff the diet and stuff my face! I'm determined for it to work though :)


Well after frogging my tansy I've decided as I don't have enough of one colour to double up my DK etc I will wait until I have some suitable yarn. This means I've started my first Alan Dart harvest mouse to put away for Christmas for Ellie :-)


Have a good day everyone whatever you're doing :cheese:

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Any one want a free headache?

Went to bed with one, woke up with one and the paracetamol dont seem to be shifting it.

Mind you thats not the only thing thats not shifting this morning -neither of the girls have crawled from the pit yet so it looks like Im going to have to do a bit of yelling


I did get heavy magnetic L plates to do yesterday, according to the delivery driver theres loads to do and everyones moaning cos they're so heavy, so I will just have to get on with them.



>:( :-S


Ok, thats interesting, my smileys have decided to play 'run away'!


Ladies, I always found that when I got the diet cravings, if I had 1 square of plain choc it really helped. If you put it in the freezer, it goes REALLY hard and you have to suck it. by the time youve finished youve satisifed the need for choc without loads of calories. A milky way is also a good, low cal way to satisfy those 'gotta have' cravings.

I also fillled up with loads of fruit for snack-time.

Aparently you should split your calorie intake into 5 smaller meals instead of three, that way you dont get a sugar see-saw effect during your day.

So Breakfast, 11ses,lunch,light tea,dinner with the last meal no later than 6


Off to Sidmouth later to deliver some books for a disabled guy-never been there before so this could be interesting- Ill let yuo know (if I ever find my way home - :lol:

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Hi girls I had the worst night's sleep ever as I went to bed overtired and spent the night trying to figure out my cerulean problem (see the knitty sos thread) in my mind.


Anyways as a result I'm in bad humour and top it off OH is still in the bed (grrrr)

Think it's his way of getting back at me for staying up late knitting when we were supposed to go to bed early 'together' for some 'r&r' ;-)


Anyone know what time Lauren has her interview? Hope she posts soon after to let us know how she got on.

Katy - that book is well worth a read, and well done resisting the minstrels!

Dee - tell you how tired and googly-eyed I am I thought your post said "breakfast, 11eggs, ....." I was delighted, then I focused (HA!)

Suzie - Christmas!!!


And to everyone losing weight, good luck again for today, I fell off the wagon last night, so have to strat all over this morning :)

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Oh Dee hope your head gets better soon! I had my bad head for nearly a week and its hovering today and threatening to descend again.... I have family in Sidmouth and can understand why you might get lost! So good luck :-)


Jennifer - yes, Christmas, sorry about that! I'm going to make as many mice as I can then put them away and wrap them in a big box together :cheese: Must admit my OH tried to ruin my diet last night coming home with takeaway and even worse duck! I carefully removed all visible traces of fat and skin before consuming so hope the calorie content was vastly reduced. Good kuck with getting back on the wagon and staying there today :-)

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Morning!! Late shift for me today so I got a bit of a lie in. Hopefully I'll miss the majority of the Great Yorkshire Show traffic...grrrr...


Gonna do some housework then guess what...KNITTING!!!!! I need to take some photos of my FO's as well. Was gonna do it last night when I took my garden pics but the lighting wasn't good by then.


Hope your headache goes away Dee.


Well done with the dieting ladies and don't beat yourselves up over having a bad day or cravings!! I really need to start again. I put loads on over the last 2 years when I was off work with my back...but my back is now the strongest it has been since my accident! I need to re-start my exercise routine and healthy eating. How about having a separate thread on here to support each other? We don't need to put our weight or anything personal on but we can support and encourage each other?

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