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August issue delayed too?

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Hi Lorraine,


I was wondering if you would be able to PM me your details as I don’t seem to have received a message from you. I have spoken to customer service and we haven’t had any other calls regarding any delivery issues in Ireland.


As soon as I receive your details ill look straight into this for you.


If any one else reads this that is having problems, do PM me so i can look in to the issues with the postal company.


Hi Jennifer,


I was also PM you about the copy I mailed out last week


Kind regards

Andrea - Subs Manager

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Hi Lorraine and Jennifer,


As you have gathered we have really struggled to resolve this issue as the problem is out of our hands. Our processes are all correct, and so are DHL's who actually mail the magazine. As far as they are concerned you should be receiving the magazine within 3-5 working days of it being sent. As this is not happening, and they do not track their items we are finding it difficult to ascertain exactly where and why your magazines are being delayed.


As we do value our subscribers highly, we have decided to set up a specific system for you both whereby issues are mailed from our office, rather than through the usual system. In the meantime DHL will continue to look into the problem.


I am so sorry this has taken so long to try and resolve. As the problem is not due to our systems, it is slightly out of our hands which makes it difficult to define where the problem lies.


I hope you can start to enjoy normal service as of the next issue.


Kind regards,



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