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As requested

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hi hun,


you cant be viewed as ignorant, if you dont know about it ie, the subject then no need to post. Also, if you mean ignorant as in you dont post a reply as you havent seen the thread, no one would think that, I dont always see them either. dont worry hun, we all understand that life gets in the way of here (lol, you know what i mean i hope xx)


whatcha knitting anyhoo?!




kniitting a hiarband(touchwood) and a top.

yes i meant that exactly katy...........I would like knitting to be Top priority but I don't put mnyself high enough never mind taking care of the monkey kids etc.

i miss our knitter hunk/totty of the week.)


oh bless, her, anyone got a hunk spare for blinx please? I'm all out i'm afraid hun lol


p.s know what you meant, but that read so sadly that you were missing a hunk!



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thanks dietgirlx


having a minor knitting crisis .I am almost finished knitting this top I've been on for ages and am about to make it up.

but I am suddenly thinking aargh have I even knitted it correctly?

I'm sure I have maybe when I join one side seam to the other it will sort itself out.


At worst I can shorten it anyway on one side i haven't made it too small.

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yes di I think your correct!

it seems like gobbledegook and I haven't cut /weaved my ends in just yet.

Also I just sent off an email to them asking if there are any top tips.

At worse it will get ignored at best they might send me some help.

I'm pretty good at making up so it's mystifying me.(I did lose track with it a good few times though.And they said there were some mistakes anyway).

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