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happy monday!

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He he sounds excellent. I just end up with massive chunks out of my nails from all the edges!


Ladies don't talk to me about housework - my very houseproud best friend picked me up the other night (wasn't going to invite her in as my place is a state) and popped in for a wee. Honestly she nearly fainted! It's not dirty or anything - just so untidy at the moment where I'm so knackered all the time and OH is working 6 day weeks (don't get me started grrr!) So after tomorrow's interview, I will be tidying, Dysoning, dusting, polishing, bleaching and ironing my way back to my lovely clean tidy house. The weird thing is I hate the mess and love it when it's clean, it just seems such a dauntic task to contemplate starting.

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are you on subscription dietgirl?

there seems to be something amiss with that.

been mentioned countless times but is ridiculous.............


also I felt like that with the cerulean thing as I din't have money to buy it at the time.

so i just felt out of it.

stupid really


Yeah, on subscription, it's a mess.


Not stupid at all, we all chat so regularly it's easy to feel left out when you've no clue what the rest of your friends are on about! :)

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Blinx - you wash dishes too? Wow :lol: I saw a wife swap once where one family only used paper plates and disposable cutlery so they didn't have to wash up after dinner :red:

I think I definitely excelled myself today though :cheese:


Well done littlemiss on foregoing the mars bar! I myself am resisting crisps as part of the attempt to shed a few pounds :-)

Bad luck on the chipped nails though.....

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