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happy monday!

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Morning all. Sorry I wasn't around much yesterday but I felt so poorly. I couldn't even think because of this chronic fatigue. Feel a little better today but not much. Chris has left me a few pennies for a treat so I'm going stash shopping if I can get my energy levels up :-) On the look out for Tansy &/or wool for my cardi/coat from my subs book. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. I'll still have to find a bargain whatever. If I make Tansy I'll be wearing it in the autumn as a gilet like Susie.


Susie - hope you feel loads better soon. There's a lot going on for you at the mo. Take care.


Katy - well done on losing 5lbs :-) & all the best for those trying to lose a little. I keep trying but still the same. Just haven't the energy for exercise at the mo which is the problem. I really get my needles going but obviously not quick enough to lose the lbs!!!!


Looks like Cerulean is still going strong. Chris gave my friend hers yesterday at church & she loves it. She wants one for her DIL for Christmas now.


Off for a shower now & then a little while to recover from the exertion. Then woolly shopping hopefully ............


Enjoy your day :-)



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Morning all,


Woke up in a foul mood I'm getting really bad acne (seriously not being vain) so will go Dr's thursday afternoon to get something for it!!! Halfway through knitting challenge then will continue with Jakes cardi and matching bobble hat! And start that Tansy...

Its poring here in Stanmore..... Jakes birthday is two weeks away and still gor the downstairs to do!!!! Truley fed up....


Katy - well done on your loss


Suz- Hope things get better and hope i'm not being to forward when i say that you need to have a word with the OH!!!!


Sharon - Goodluck with your weight loss as well and enjoy your knitting while at the footie!!


Dee- Enjoy your knitting!!


Jen- trying to introduce Jake to the potty with no luck at all!!!!


Buzy- hope you enjoy your shopping!!!


anyway have a good day all, well try some of you anyways!!!!




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Hi all. Came back with nothing for my stash - cheapie shop just didn't have the right cols for me :-S So it looks like a trip to LYS tomorrow (they close on Mondays for some strange reason??) & that means more pennies. The chunky in cheapie shop is acrylic & wool mix so is nice but wrong cols at the mo. Going to have a nap after lunch as all my energy's gone. has anybody found it?


I've started on a blanket for DD's friend's baby in untraditional colours. She's very retro & loves browns, greens etc & doesn't want baby blue!! I'll post a piccie when I've done it & see what you think.


Off for lunch now.



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Hi all .

A quick question.

If cerulean is knitted on 6mm then changes to 8 why is the tension square ona 4mm?

i mean I know you normally knit Dk wool on 4s but it doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me.

Anyway am not sure I will be knitting it so it isn't a desperate situation I just wondered if you have to start on 6mm.s

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Hi everyone,


Well I'm holding out for a better week this week. Last week put me through the ringer to be honest - MIL strife for the start of the week, then spent the end of the week worrying about my nan because her brother was in hosp. Sadly he passed away on Friday night - they'd decided not to treat him any more and just keep him comfortable. Had a really busy weekend too so when it came to yesterday afternoon, I was absolutely exhausted. My body knows it because I have my usual exhausted bad throat - for some reason when I tire myself out, my throat is the first thing to give up! So I'm dosing myself up on Strepsils as I have an interview tomorrow and would like to be able to talk at it! Hadn't realsied quite how much preparation was required for this interview and now I'm scared I haven't done enough.


I gather from the posts above that some of you have been and still are under the weather. Sending lots of love to all those who are less than 100% today.


Desperate to cast on something new but holding firm with my pledge to finish half of my 8 WIPS before I do! Finished socks (birthday present) at the weekend but had wrapped them before I even thought about taking a photo so you'll have to take my word for it that they were brilliant!!! :lol: Nothing like a bit of modesty is there?!


Must congratulate Katy on her weight loss. Fantastic start!! Well done you!!


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