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totally tansy!

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thanks everyone for the comments

really sorry i haven't answered sooner but i kinda forgot that i put this post on...oops :red:

i think i must look like a woman posessed at the mo, cos i just worked it out this morning that in the last 2 weeks, i'm on my 7th project ( good grief:bug: :bug: ) i don't think i've ever knitted/crocheted so much in all my life, even when i was making the hats for my friend and they were on order as such...lol!!! :cheese:

like katy said on a different thread, it IS amazing what you can do when you're under oath....hahaha!!! :lol:

anyhoo, good luck to everyone on their knitting/crocheting/crafty path.... ;-)

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That is absolutely amazing!! I am trying to knit the same cardi and I am having trouble getting past the first sleeve. I have even had to put up a help post on the forum and ask a friend for advice. I wouldn't min so much but I have knitted a pair of socks!!!!!!


Hope mine looks as good as yours when its finished.

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