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Our Heroes

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Hi guys

I dont want to start a debate or anything on here, I just felt the need to tell someone, y'know?


I heard some sad news yesterday, the cleaning supervisor at my work has lost her son - he was killed in Afghanistan at the end of this week, only 28 with 2 kiddies. It seems to bring it home the senselessness of war to me, especially when you know someone who has died, or has lost someone in that way, and its that close to you. Alot of the people I know round here knew him and apparently he was a smashing chap. Am sure all our thoughts are with our boys and girls who are real heroes.




thanks for letting me tell someone



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So sorry to hear your news Katy.

Its awful to hear about our boys and girls in the forces and what they have to go thru. I support them in every way. I even wear red on Fridays (have you seen that one - its doing the rounds on the internet?)

Im from a Forces family myself. Dad was Royal Signals, brother Ex-Marine, 2 out of 3 brothers-in-law are ex REME and Signals so I know exactly where you are coming from.

One of my B-I-L was on the advisory panel before the Afgan thing started and they advised the Government that, in no way, should we involve ourselves over there, as it would stretch our Forces too thin and would be an impossible campaign to win. The Gov. totally ignored everything the Committee said and sent troops over there any way!

It makes you dispare >:-(

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thanks everyone, i'm just dreading when I see his mum, am presuming she wont be in work today, or even this week - sounds awful, but I just dont want to upset her.



it is madness, and I know they join up because thats what they want to do, and (J certainly, from what I can understand) died doing a job he loved, but it seems such a senseless waste.


here's hoping our boys and girls come home soon eh



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