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smooooth sunday...hopefully!

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afternoon all


buffy, love your invites, really professional look


buzyknitting, sorry you dont feel well - yak to the off chicken and yay to ready roasted ones!!!! hope you feel better soon and the guest dont wear you out


Love2 - does your project begin with "c"??!!!! lolol


We have been around the market, stocked up on chicken breast (4kg for £20, I was impressed) and OH had a new computer game - for once warwick booboo had nothing, but only because the kiddie stall that we frequent wasnt there today.


we are Avon delivering today,hopefully more successful on the delivery and orders front than yesterday.


I organised my xmas knitting last night, I know what I am doing for whom, I have the stash, I just need a 30 hour day now!


oh, and I WANNA KNIT A TANSY TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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No Buffy I dont mind at all


I work for a company that makes car accessories - tax disk holders, L plates, GB plates etc.

I'm an 'outworker' so they deliver the component parts with bags, header cards staples, boxes and so forth and I put them together - tax-disk holder in bag, staple header card on, bag up into correct amounts (anything from 10-50) and pack into boxes. Its then taken to a warehouse and then on to the retailer.

Its not brilliant money, but I can do it around the kids/school/clubs/family and I can do as much or as little as I want

As I'm a single parent on benefits I have to declare it, but it gives me a few extra pennies to put aside for stuff(as I have given up the hope of EVER getting any maintenance from my Ex) :-S , like school trips or unexpected bills(like the car!!)


Sorry to hear your still not feeling up to scratch Buzy. Did the acupuncture not work this time? or haven't you been yet?


Sounds like you got a bargain there Katy. I really miss going to the market, but since OH has gone I just dont have the Money to go any more. Plus my favourite stall (the freezer man) doesn't go any more. I used to love him-amazing bargains and his chocolate swirl cheese-cake was to die for :-P

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Afternoon everyone,


I didn't get rained on going to and coming from church! Head still achey though but that might be due to trying to diet.

And big bonus today, I discovered one of the women at church does Avon so I've come home clutching a book!

Buffy I think your invites look very classy :)

Everyone else, if your feeling tired or ill then I hope you feel better soon :)

Right I'm off with a cuppa and the Avon book :cheese:

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Susie - dont know what diet you are on, but be careful. My dad had a complete personality change when my Mum put him on fat free diet after a heart attack. Talk about Jekell and Hyde!!. you need a small amount of fat in your diet (the good kind-poly unsaturated) or it can do you more harm than good.

The headache might be a sign that you may be overdoing the diet thingy, especially if you've cut out a certain type of food, like with the Atkins Diet.


Lecture over :lol: :cheese:

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Hi all hope everyone is having a good day. I was supposed to be out with the girls today visiting family but my Mum isn'y feeling well so it got cancelled. Poor thing has an ear infection so is spending the day propped up in bed getting some well earned TLC from her hubby. My stepdad says she's got antibiotics etc but is not yet upto to visitors so we said we'd go in the holidays. So I am now in the house on my own as DD1 went to her BF's house and DD2 has gone to Bury with he Dad. I've done all the odd jobs that needed doing like bringing in washing, pots, dusting, hoovering etc. and am now free for the rest of the day until I walk my friend's dog.


Will finish the socks I am doing today and when hubby and dd2 get home I'll get one of them to take a pic or 2 of me in my new top so I can show you the finished result.



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