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smooooth sunday...hopefully!

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hi everyone

i hope everyone's sunday turns out to be a good one... :-)

i've just got the left front to finish on amber's tansy and then the sewing up...yuck!! :-S (i don't like that bit...hahaha!!!) but then it's finished so hoping i can do that today...

anyhoo, take care everyone and hopefully have a great day... :)

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Oh Emmilou I started the tansy last night using 2 strands of DK together and different colours to create stripes as I thought it would do a bit of stash busting, and with it being knit side to side the stripes should be flattering :)


Still raining here today so I reckon I'm going to get wet going to church. My head feels a bit muggy this morning too, like its stuffed with cotton wool but that might be because I'm still very tired - could do with being in bed!


Hope everyone's having a good day anyway and I'm hoping I do too :coolsmirk:

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Morning! :-) Can't believe I'm up and about at this time when I was so tired last night...still am this morning but Darren has been up since 7.30 as he is going out in a few mins to York to do the special effects and make up for a zombie online mini series :ahhh: .


So I'll be home alone to do:


laundry :-S

housework :shut:

clean out rabbit and guinea pig >:(

garden (if I feel up to going out to buy everything and it doesn't start raining again) :roll:

KNITTING :cheese:



I know just what you mean about sewing up Emmilou - that's why alot of what I've made has taken so long - sat waiting to be sewn up!!


Hope you head clears Suzie.

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Morning all, lovely and sunny here in Derbyshire. Going to church in about half an hour. Promised Rebecca we'd go swimming this afternoon. Have some ironing to do and a roast dinner to make. So should get some knitting done. Hopefully will finish Rebecca's Cerulean and then get started on Tansy.


Su2ie - hope you don't get too wet going to church and that your head feels better later on.



Hope everyone has a lovely day whatever you're doing.

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Morning all,


Got to sleep in till 9.30am then couldn't sleep (bloddy typical) While OH tidyied up took the kids to do some shopping and done some washing!!!!!!! I know!!!!!

Well still on my challenge peice as had to redo it to my size and still have loads left over of the 100g dk ball!!!! GUESSED WHAT IT IS YET?

Then this evening after our lamb roast dinner I will either continue with Jakes Cardi or join the rest of you and make that Tansy!!!!


Well I'm starving lets see if I can get OH to make breaky or brunch sorry to.......... He he he


Have a good day all xxx

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