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Busy Lizzy

Gardening help needed...

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I have been catching up with the blogs as I haven't been on for a while. Weeds, as long as you don't want anything growing in the area including weeds, salt and boiling water, this kills off everything, plenty of salt but this will completely destroy any chance of growing in this area. Why not get your man into making a small stand for a plant pot in the middle of the front where you could put a small rose bush. Lovely smelling plants, my favourite is 'night scented stock' a word of warning, it looks like a weed during the day so is best mixed with other quite tall plants but the smell in the evening is amazing. Sweet williams are notorious for eariwigs so stay aw3ay from them if you don't like earwigs, other than that they are a good cutting flower but need a good shaking before you can bring them in the house. I tried to see what you had done so far but all I could see was the photos in the park, looks like a nice place.

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