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Theatrical Thursday

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Morning everyone. Got up early in the hope of escaping the daughter police, but she caught me at the kettle and ordered me back to my chair. It's got so bad that my mum and dad are coming to rescue me and take me out to lunch :-)

Oh just had a thought maybe they are in on the plan to keep me confined. :ahhh: May be I am becoming paranoid :lol:

Maybe I should just give in gracefully and do as I am told %-P Nah!

Katy it is scientifically proven that lots of chocolate help a sore throat, something to do with increasing endorphins according to my hubby!!!!

Fiona good luck with your course I am looking at doing my Higher English after the summer if I can find a nightschool course close at hand.

Well better go and prepare for my parents assuming Kirsty will let me!!!!!

Have a great day everyon :lol: e

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I'm such a HAPPY BUNNY!!!! My LK & Kemps order have just arrived :-) :-) :-) I love the colour of the wool. May have to order some more dk as such a lovely colour for me ........... wonder where I can find some more pennies???? Am going to have a cuppa & quick look at LK then food shopping. When I get back I'll have another cuppa & a long read before lunch. Amazing what a bit of stash & a mag can do to my mood!!!!!


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I called at supermarket on way to work and they had the new LK on the shelves. I picked up my copy. Was surprised not supposed to be out until tomorrow.


Buzy - you'll love it. There is a "teapot jumper" in it and knitty flowers.


Su2ie - a lovely cardi for you and your Ellie. I would love to do it for me and Rebecca. Fine with mine but Rebecca's a bit too old for the child ones and a bit too small for the smallest adult one.

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