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Theatrical Thursday

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I guess as it's officially Thursday i'll post a new topic instead of adding to Wednesdays :coolsmile:


Well I didn't do much yesterday, mum and dad came round after sorting some stuff out at my Grandad's, we then all went to their's to sort out their new tv, came home late and i've just cut out 5 invites on my Craftrobo. (when i've finished them i'll post a piccie)


Today (once i've been to bed and got up again!!) hoping to cut out some more invites, then taking Daniel to Dave's mums for a few hours while I go and help my mum and my aunty sort some stuff out at my Grandad's. At work (Theatre Box Office, hence the title :coolsmile: ) this evening for a couple of hours then hopefully get my invites finished so I can actually get them sent.


Hope you all have a good day and hope those of you who weren't feeling too good yesterday are feeling better today.

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morning buffy


I'm still feeling rough and its making me grumpy :-/ so i've rung in again today - my throat feels like I've eaten broken glass and i ache alllllllllllllllllllllllllll over. still enough of my moaning.


your craftrobo sounds fun - i did our invites for our wedding mostly by hand with the aid of a paper guillotine. it was very relaxing and i was very pleased with them and saved a fortune. my friend gets married next yr and she's hoping to do the same, wants me to help her try some stuff out so that should be fun.


for those who read my comment about my Facebook friend wanting a headband after taking the mick out of my knitting for months, well, she's not replied so I reckon she's got the message - woo hoo!


am hoping to beat this cold thing today so i can at least show willing at work tomorrow.


have a good day everyone




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Morning all,


Buffy - look forward to seeing your invites. Hope today goes well.


Katy - sorry to hear you're not feeling any better today. Take care of yourself and don't go back to work until you're right.


I've got work today then got to take cat to vets to have her stitches out from her op last week. Then nothing planned so hoping to get cerulean finished today.


Have a good day everyone.

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Oh cool title and a bet quite a few of us will have a theatrical day too!

Well I'm up but Ellie is still asleep so I hope she's not going down with anything :-S

Not much planned for the day, except perhaps attacking my huge pile of ironing and OH expected back from the UK just after lunch.


Helen - I'm intrigued as I don't actually know what a craftrobo is but guessing obviously that it cuts card :cheese:

Katy - sounds like you need plenty of ice lollies for that throat so hope you feel better soon.

Sharon - cats and vets, not my favourite job so good luck with that and also can't wait to see your cerulean :)


By for now!

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Morning all.


You guys keep coming up with new terms to confuse me...Craftrobo?!

Hey Katy sorry you're still under the weather x glad your 'pal' got the messsage


Think I'll have to give a Cerulean a go, am feeling a bit like Blinx - outta the loop!


Nothing special on here today unless you count that I've some eye-candy to look out at ;-) the fine spell has brought back the landscapers :)


Right, off I go, mountain of ironing to do before lunch and making a rhubarb meringue pie if any of you want to pop over :-)

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