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wonderful wednesday

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Can I just ask (bit thick I know) how do you quote someone's post? I see that there's a quote button but what do I do if I only want to quote a line or two out of someones post?


After you press the Quote button Jennifer and the window opens for you to do your post you can remove the text you don't want by deleting just make sure you leave in the brackets starting with "

" etc and then the closing "
" at the end. Hope that makes sense and all those brackets don't put this in a quote :-)


Hopefully this will post but tinternet seems to be behaving itself just for the moment :roll:

Good morning to everyone else too! Right back to Ellie and housework :cheese:

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no what you mean katy.

also about facebook and forums etc. I was meaning that I didn't wnat to get into a "thing"

and still don't.


I have few enough friends without computer fights.

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Also what is this cerulean thingy everyone keeps on about?

i'm feeling outta the loop.

Is it the latest cool pattern?


god that sounds a blooming obvious question but it's been bugging me for days.................

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