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magical monday!!!

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I had a good afternoon as i've been to Country Baskets near Leeds with my SIL-to-be and i've got the flowers for my wedding bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet and buttonholes and all for less than £35.




(sorry to put a downer on things) when I came back I found out that my Grandad had been found dead this morning. In short, my uncle's on holiday and tried to call him, after trying for a bit and others trying he called the police and they broke in and found him :down:


Just felt the need to share with someone, thank you.



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Don't loose heart on the size side. I have become a firm believer in Gok - if you've got it flaunt it and if you don't have it use evey trick in the book to make people think you do! I am a 16 - 18 depending on where I shop, though when I look in a mirror I still see a size 12 - 14 %-P

My 13 year old loves his programme and has decided that she doesn't need to be a stick insect as long as she is healthy.

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