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magical monday!!!

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Lauren I had to laugh at your suggestion of sewing a size 8 into knitted clothes, that's a really good idea!!!

I reckon the people you're bumping into are much nicer that the people I'm bound to bump into on my return to Blighty for my hols, they're bound to rudely point out I've put on weight :red:


Lizzy the weekend and today have been a bit surreal to me with my OH away as it has both gone quickly and dragged too - if you know what I mean!!!

Got plenty of uniterrupted knitting and movie watching done though ;-P

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Hi all, well after another very hot, very sunny day, it's finally raining!! Cheerio hayfever, me and my wee man won't miss you!


It's still bloomin warm though. Supposedly we're getting heavy rain tonight and thunder tomorrow. I like thunder!


Anyway, better skiddaddle, I'm just in from work and should really spend some quality time with Callum before I tuck him up in bed.




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Hi girls, had to smile at your musings over the weight issue, why do you think I'm Dietgirl?! Suzie like you I'd loose heart and get bored with dieting too. I was a size 10 when I left school, then I moved out of home, ate a lot of take-aways, got a taste for alcohol and it all started to go pear-shaped (literally :-) )

I was 10st10lbs getting married 9 years ago then......

Like a lot of women, despite loosing a lot of the 'baby weight' I still ended up carrying extra weight into each pregnancy, so when Russell was born last May I left the hospital 14st6lbs (Michelin Man had nothing on me)

My only saviour has been Carol Vordermans 28 Day Detox Diet. I've done it twice since June last year and I eat sensibly in between, also I try to get a walk in every day, however short, and now I'm only 5lbs away from having lost 3 stone.

I'm not killing myself either, just "pushing back from the table" as my dad used to say RIP

One downside is I'm still knitting for 'Big Me', and although there's still plenty of me there everything I finish is a good size or two too big! Aargh!!

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