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Torrential Tuesday

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Well it was dead easy - just fiddly!

You take 3 strands of stretchy stuff, abandon needle as can't thread stretchy stuff through it and it won't go through beads anyway. Then you try to shove stretchy stuff through a very small hole on 3 different strands then when you're feeling really brave you try to find a bead with a big enough hole to shove three strands of stretchy stuff through together then repeat. When you've got the length you require and you've gone bog eyed you try to tie a knot in the whole cabbodle then try to hide the knot in one of the larger beads, split the bead, have to take it all apart and start again - eventually you have a bracelet!!!


Okay pass me the needles and yarn, back to knitting :lol:

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Thanks Lizzy, I think next time though if its too difficult to get a particular thread through the little holes I will try a different thread! No point in struggling!

Think next time I go in Penny's (Primark) I will look out for beads in the sale to reuse in my own designs :-)

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