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Manic Monday

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I have a top secret plan to tell you all. It's cheered me up considerably! :cheese: We've planned a spot of low-key yarn bombing in the office! There's a very big teapot in our team (holds 8 pints) and the owner will be rather peeved to find a lovely knitted tea cosy on it, tee-hee, but the rest of the team will find it hilarious! Can't wait to see it when it's finished! (I'm not knitting it, just in on the plot). We have to measure it first without the owner seeing. I'll try and get a piccy of the finished article when the deed is done.


Shh, it's top secret, don't tell anyone! :cheese: :lol:


That's sooooo good k&f - put a huge grin on my face especially as you know I'm a bit potty about teapots at the mo :lol: Really looking forward to the finished teapot jumper!!!!!!


Buzy :)

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Hi everyone.


It's definately not heat/sun stroke as he was inside his studio all yesterday, unless you count sitting out from 10pm-nearly midnight! Really sad sitting out alone in the garden...at night time!


We think it's a migraine as he does suffer badly with them. He's just got up and had some more paracetamol and he's having some toast. Luckily no sick yet!!


I don't know, I take a day off work (where I deal with this stuff), to have it at home! We seem to get no time off together and when it happens I'm writing an essay and he's poorly! lol


C'est la vie. Liz

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Oh Lizzy, I have an OH who will sit out on the balcony all night! (No garden).

Hmm think you've definitely ruled out heat stroke there and as he suffers with migraines....

Wish him a speedy recovery, being a sufferer myself too.

And yes it does sound like you're taking your work home with you!!!!

Good luck on the essay btw :)

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hi all,


cheers dee, I actually panicked and put bleach and boiling water out there last night, I seem to remember a couple of years ago having flying ants under the same step........... hmmmmmmmmm actually, dont know why I'm wondering, the lawn has at least 10 nests on it - our landlord swindled a gardener into coming and cutting it back (he's a cheap date, in fact the whole garden needs proper landscaping due to the fact the tenants before us did NOTHING to it - henceforth, we have triffid nettles and blackberry bushes to deal with, and both of us horrific hayfever and bad backs!) anyhoo, when the Landlord came round to check the gardeners work (cheeky, given the gardener had seen it, was aghast as LL had told him the lawn needed cutting - gardener quoted £120 and ended up doing it as a foreigner for £50 as LL told him he'd had a cheaper quote - from mr Invisible) we pointed out the nests and said they needed sorted - 2 years on.............................!!!!!!!


this morning its an ant burial ground on the patio - many many more than I'd thought - eurgh!


oh, i'm halfway through the first cuff on Cerulean - was 2/3 through the first front of Lulu, had I have done the back as well, I would have carried on.




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Oh tell me about it!! Gardens are the bane of my life at the mo!

Because Ive been plastered Ive just not been able to do my gardens, then when the plaster was off the weather started doing iffy things.

The house where I am had an elderly couple in before me and he was quite a keen gardener. As he got older he started to loose his sight so the garden went to pot somewhat.

The result is that I am still finding things in the garden after 5 years of living here including a patch of loganberry canes that have suddenly sprouted this year with loads of fruit on, two VERY elderly and overgrown blackcurrant bushes (absolutely groaning with fruit again), a lilac tree and a buddleia that threatening to take over not only my garden but two others as well :lol: Every-time I do something in the garden to sort it out I find new plants! When I chopped back a privet hedge along the front garden wall I found a marigold (that hasn't stopped flowering since- 2 years-)and so many bulbs that you could get a trowel between them. Still I get an amazing display of bluebells and grape hyacinth in the spring


If you do the home made ant spray, make sure you spray up to about waist height around the frame and all along the step otherwise they can detour around it. :roll:


Migraines - had those - not good!

Used to get them a lot but I found that after I had kids they disappeared (not an option for your OH tho Lizzie). I used to find that if I felt one starting, I could head it off (oops sorry for the pun) if I had a shot of whiskey! They always say avoid alcohol, but I found it helped, provided I caught it early enough. ;-P

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