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Headbands and a finger puppet!

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Hey don't worry RC - drives you crazy when you keep seeing your least favourite thing everywhere! Oh and note how the horrible tracey beaker has gone and we now have cats?!


It does say machine washable at 30. I have a lot of weird yarns in my stash that you would never guess what they're made of including 2 balls in different colours that both look like a mohair blend but only 1 has mohair in it! MIL gave me her stash back in February then sent over a big bag of yarn she found in a charity shop so I have a lot of interesting yarns lurking about the cotton/not cotton one of them :-)

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Just catching up on this one


yes RC I'm reading this - and am LOVING the turquoise!!!!!!!!


the finger puppet is lovely, just the right size for my dog to swallow whole ;-)




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