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:lol: you know me, if its not one thing its another! I went onto amazon cos I'd got an Avril Lavigne CD I hadnt bought (everybody is allowed to like cheese... thats my excuse and Im sticking to it!) so while I was on there I thought Id treat myself to the new Green Day album to, then I saw some I hadnt got on special so they went into the basket and oh I totally love supermassive black hole so a couple of muse cds went in on special offer too, a few more clicks and Id already spent over £40! oops!! How did that happen?? Still I listen to a lot of music and I'll get usage out of them so its ok (or thats my excuse which I'm also sticking to!) :lol:


One of these days I will learn, in the meantime I'm gonna be chillaxing with loud music and knitting! tee hee :lol:

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