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Monday Morning

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Well I've finished my challenge piece - just got to wait until tomorrow for Ellie to model it before I can post a pic. Started one in blue for my niece too who will be 2 at the beginning of July. Her parents do NOT approve of pink and as much as I'm tempted I just don't want to see my work go to waste.


I am very tempted to start the cerulean next for me as I could knit one to wear with my maxi dress :-) Oh and I don't think you're ever too old to wear the knits featured in LK :-)


Sorry but getting bad memory tonight due to a glass of red so sorry I can't remember what everyone said to comment on it!


Glass of red wine Susie - not having Rose? It's pink!!

The Cerulean shrug would look lovely with your maxi dress. What colour do you fancy?

Can't wait to see your challenge entry tomorrow. Sooooo excited I might not be able to sleep!!!

Night night.

Buzy :)

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Hmmm if you squint at red you can just about imagine its pink in the right light :lol:


Well I have some brown wool in my stash that would set off my maxi dress just nice as its brown, cream and orange mixed in a sort of leafy flowery design. I did think of a cream one as I have plenty of cream wool too but then I suppose I could do both eventually! Actually I have quite a few yarns in my stash that would suit the cerulean shrug so I could do one for all occasions as you're right Dark, can make even the skimpiest of tops decent :cheese:


Hey Buzy don't have a wakeful night on my account :lol: :lol: :lol:

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